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You were once a teenager; what advice would you like to have been given? Here is some wisdom that you can impart on the teenagers in your.

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Here are 10 parenting tips for raising teenagers. By Jeanie Lerche They must be teenagers. Don't despair. . Parents share their best advice.

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What your teenager needs from you - advice for parents on adjusting your parenting as your teen grows up.

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Advice for parents on how to live more peacefully together with advice on messy bedrooms and respecting their privacy.

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Find advice on every aspect of your teen's education and learning. Discover parent-approved entertainment ideas, and learn how to handle the many life issues.

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Your online reputation or digital footprint is both real and valuable. Here's important social networking advice for teenagers to consider.

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What advice would I give to teenagers in love - 1. The hormonal surge in teenage years may lead to having fleeting crushes, who seem to be just perfect.

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Seeing your child grow up and change can be daunting - here you'll find lots of practical parenting advice on how to deal with common teen issues.

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How well do you get along with your parents? Do you now, or have you ever, felt “allergic” to them? Or as Lisa Damour puts it in an article.