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Aug 11, The Boxee Box's v firmware update introduced AirPlay rendering capability. iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad AirPlay streaming to a Boxee Box. I think some apps provide two AirPlay options: a speaker-like widget for.

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Aug 9, Alongside the new apps, Boxee has brought AirPlay support and Lion compatibility to its set-top box. The new Boxee iPad app looks really.

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Do you masturbate to your apple products at night? You really need to get off your ******* high horse and not be an *******, I'm ******* sick of.

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Airplay for the Boxee Box. Probably "Boxee" should show up in your Airplay settings in compatible iOS apps.

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Dec 27, Got a Boxee Box as a gift this holiday season? to the Boxee Box via Airplay, and you'll soon be able to watch live TV with your Boxee Box? Boxee's apps category includes some applications with additional content.

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Feb 6, So as a user experience the Boxee Box fits squarely between the Apple TV and WD TV Live Hub: not quite as slick as the former, more intuitive.

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Mar 30, When I first unboxed the new p Apple TV and plugged it in, I wasn't blown away. Having used a Boxee Box for the last 16 months, I've.

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Aug 15, If you have an Apple TV, you've probably already come to Then, in Boxee, navigate to the Apps Box section and click on My Feeds at the top.