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Is it possible to explain how the hand is quicker1 than the eye and how to deal with the punch you cannot see coming? Your defense must be.

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I watch these pro fighters and i am amazed at how they can slip away from rapid punches. It seems incredible how they can dodge such fast.

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Even though I really enjoyed these exercises, I kept trying to anticipate my opponents punch and often got caught whilst moving - usually in the.

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It's the difference between jerking your head back instinctively versus slipping and countering with a knockout punch. It's a long road to.

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Body punches are one of the deadliest weapons in boxing, and yet .. a right hand into his left side as you anticipate his left arm popping up.

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Say your opponent charges at you and keeps punching non stop jab cross If your opponent is always able to predict which way your going to.

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Mix-ups/Combinations - Blocking and parrying require an opponent to anticipate the angles of the aggressor's attack. A string of attacks from.

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my question is i want to start boxing but how do you see the punches coming since its so fast ive heard that boxing becomes slower etc.. how.