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Some girls are just attracted to that type of guy. And some guys aren't really "emo" . "Emo" is a label. Labels are not good. Dating and hooking up in high school.

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If an emo guy has caught your attention, you'll need to prepare yourself before attempting to secure his affection. The emo subculture has influenced everything .

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Been admiring an Emo Guy from afar and want to finally talk to him? Talking to an Emo guy is different from talking to an ordinary guy, as you've probably.

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I don't find either of those types particularly attractive. Don't make yourself something you're not - be happy with what you've got! I think the emo guy look is a hit.

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When I met the bf he was this twig skinny, emo, tight pants and shirt .. They ARE attracted to guys with a good build, who as you say dress and.

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Ha this question is funny. But yes, I am an attractive emo, and I defianeltly like preppy girls. Like Hollister, American Eagle, all that good stuff.

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i like the way that some emo guys walk, it's a bit clumsy, & soooo cute attracted to emo boys myself, would have to say.