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Nigahiga - How To Stay Positive. Anyway you see no matter how bad things get or how bad things may seem there is always a positive in.

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What, no, that was, uh, positive racism More like a compliment to uh Is that why you don't have black balloons? What?! No! Quit trying to make make me look.

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Ryan Higa posted a video on youtube in thinking no one would see it. Now Nigahiga is the source for bad jokes and puns.

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Ryan Higa is a YouTuber born in Hilo, Hawaii, born of Japanese descant. His YouTube (Grannis) "Thank you for being a wonderful inspiration to literally everyone on the internet. Determined; Inspirational; Dedicated; Creative; Positive.

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Ever wondered what the internet thinks about.. let's say.. Barack Obama? The internet is positive about 'nigahiga'. More. Link to this result ยท Show stats for.

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Ryan Higa (born June 6, ), better known as Nigahiga, is currently the have Ryan attempting the next big 'net sensation with a series of these deductions. . Lampshaded the Obscure Reference: In "How to Stay Positive", Ryan makes a.

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The phrase "net positive" makes me cringe. At a human rights conference last year, one audience member opined that businesses should not.