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Why Finding yourself on stage might be the most important and only presentation advice you'll ever need.

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I thought I knew exactly who I wanted to be on stage. From recent discussions, it turns out many other comics felt the same way. They thought.

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Envision your best performance. Instead of imagining the worst scenario, challenge yourself to think more about how the performance could go well. Remind.

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Today Scott Stratten is a world-renowned keynote speaker, best-selling author and all-around awesome guy who is known by nearly everyone in the speaking.

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Stage presence is a great tool for every performer to have under their belt. Learn how to improve your stage presence while enjoying yourself.

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How do you introduce yourself on stage? Some of your fans and followers will be curious about you, especially if you are new to the stage.

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Your goal is to create a home for yourself up there. New-to-the-stage performers don't power their performance with enough energy and it.