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What are the cheat codes for Bloxorz level 21? The passcode to play stage 21 is The passcode to play stage 22 is For the solution, see the.

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Bloxorz Walkthrough. Walkthrough for Bloxorz . Level Password: Solution: R, D, L, U, L, D, R, U, Rx2, U, Rx3, U, L, Dx3, Ux3, R, D, Lx3, D, Lx2, D.

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Bloxorz Walkthrough: U, R, D, Rx3, Ux3, R, Dx2, Rx4, U, L, U Bloxorz Walkthrough: R, U, Rx3, U, L, D, R, Ux2, Rx3, Dx3, R, U . Bloxorz Cheats for Level

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Bloxorz stage 21 22 23 24 25 passcodes and walkthrough.

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code: Level 17 - code: Level 18 - code: Level 19 - code: Level 20 - code: Level 21 - code: Level 22 - code.

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Bloxorz: Bloxorz is a simple idea for a puzzle game that is beautifully executed. and block-splitting switches, solve the puzzle each stage presents to move on to the next of the game's 33 levels. Kirstenite Leader • June 26, AM.

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how do u beat level 33 man i proper suck at this game, i cant even pass stage 7.

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I am seeking the lowest possible number of moves necessary to complete Bloxorz, the highly addictive Flash game. I thought I had an optimal.