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Beat Erol in race challenge was a mission in Jak II. Erol challenged Jak to a city race through Haven City to prove who was the better racer.

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Errol (spelled as Erol in Jak II, sometimes referred to as Cyber Errol to Jak battles Cyber Errol in the mission "Beat Cyber Errol boss", and while there, the.

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I have just finish the part "Beat Erol". What I found most difficult are the NPC(the walking ones) Each time I was leading, you can be sure that.

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I've finish the street race between Errol and Jak I want is to beat the record to able to get the Orbs but I dunno who I'm gonna talk to to able.

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For Jak and Daxter Collection on the PlayStation Vita, a GameFAQs message hey guys is there any easier way to beat this, its really hard with the lag And damn does Jak 2 look like a muddy grey and black mess at night.

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Iv reached a point where I have to race Erol and need to go through the checkpoint rings. Jak II HD Results online showed dark Jak walking into Erols vehicle to damage it until its in flames then jump on zoomer to start.

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Errol has somehow managed to survive the explosion during that fateful race long ago, and now he's a half-man, half-machine psychopath.

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When Jak and Daxter meet Krew again, their boss tells them to deliberately lose to Erol during the championship race so he can collect on the.

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Destroy Erol when racing to Stadium cheats for Jak II: Renegade. Comment | How do you beat the baron when he's in mar's tomb try.. More Questions and.

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I've never had any problem beating Erol. It might take a little bit of trying, but don't skip the rest of Jak 2 just because of this little hump.