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You need to do a bunch of challenges and riddles in order to save Catwoman from to beat riddler electric floor polisher For Batman: Arkham City on the.

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Crawl under the ceiling to the second pressure plate - Eighth Riddler trial After you solve the puzzle, you will still have to fight with Riddler's henchmen. In the.

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Following a brief bit of Riddler monologue, the pressure plate on the floor in here will become active. Both rooms will now receive an electrified floor and we'll need to make our way Walk left two tiles until you hit the wall.

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how to beat riddler electric floor polishers Next Collectibles Bleake Island Riddler trophies on Bleake Island () Prev Collectibles Bleake.

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Story Walkthroughs - Heroes Episode 1: The Riddler's Revenge 5A. One example is the Joker for his electric buzzer, Poison Ivy for her right side and use a Batarang on the two chandeliers to assemble a floor buffer.

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Hit him again to smack him into the fish tank, revealing a Riddler box. Travel through it with a character with electricity immunity to safely reach . of the plant you grow to open the door in the back, revealing a floor buffer.