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The Line Producer manages a production's budget and scheduling and hires all of the below-the-line crew. He or she serves as the bridge between the Director.

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This is one of the jobs you can genuinely work for and get to, in the cinema industry. Start off with any production manager as a production.

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Learn about the role and responsibilities of a line producer in films. To be an effective line producer, you need to have the following skills.

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But the line producer has a very specific job - to be a professional A film producer's salary, much like a producer's definition, vary from project.

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The line producer first must dissect the script to estimate costs based on personnel, locations, equipment, and all other requirements of the project. film or television production are divided in two segments: above the line and below the line.

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It's probably worth noting, though, that those skills don't generally include creative input into the film process. If that's what you want, being a line producer may.