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To stop frequent spam and robocalls from unknown numbers, Call Filter is our most effective solution.

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Here's how to temporarily block unwanted calls and messages via the My Verizon website. Add / Remove Spam Blocks ยท Remove a Block; Video Camera Icon.

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If this is an account managed by a corporate IT department, and the address is placed on a special list to be blocked, you shouldn't see it in.

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Here's how to permanently block text message spam sent from email addresses, From the My Verizon Home screen, navigate: Plan > Family Controls.

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Here's how to block text messages originating from email addresses or domains via the My Verizon website.

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Click on Block Calls and Messages. On the right under Related Actions, click Block Internet Spam. At the bottom of the page, put a check beside.

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Blocking a text message because it's spam, from an unknown source or because you don't want to get texts from the sender is relatively easy. With Verizon, you.