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There are ways to turn the iPod Touch into a safe device for a child. control setting, you can block the use of the Safari Internet browser.

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Permanently disabling Wi-Fi on the iPod Touch can't be accomplished. restrict a company iPod Touch from accessing the Internet by blocking Wi-Fi access Managing ODM Files on an iPod Shuffle · How to Connect to Locked WiFi on an.

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I know wifi can be turned off in settings, but my kids can just turn it back iPad, or iPod Touch in all sorts of ways, including disabling wifi and.

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With Content & Privacy Restrictions in Screen Time, you can block or limit And restrict the settings on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch for.

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If you are a conscientious parent who wants to let their child use an iPod Touch ( or “iTouch”) or iPad, but who wants the iPod Touch wifi.

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Yes the iTouch has parental controls for safari and most of the other default I'm not sure about locking out the wifi completely, but like I said.

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If the Ipod Touch can connect to a wifi connection, it can access You will see an option to enable or disable restrictions on the Ipod Touch.

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How to Block Safari on iPhone or iPod Touch. An iPhone or iPod Touch can be a great toy for kids or a great learning tool. But, as a parent, you might want to.