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I thought that I would start a thread while I am in the final stages of building my flame cutter. I have been working and thinking about this project.

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Been toying with the idea of making Pantograph Plasma Cutter and was wondering if anyone has tried with any success so far. Found this pic.

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A CNC plasma cutter would be a handy thing to have for cutting intricate shapes. I often use a pantograph with Building the pantograph. Making sure I have all.

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I use it to make brackets for the race cars, all the time!` . When I got my pantograph flame cutter, I told him he was doing it the hard way, and in.

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Are there other plans similar to these that may be easier to build? .. I ALREADY HAVE A FOOT SWITCH FOR MY PLASMA CUTTER, IT IS.

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Results 1 - 48 of Plans for Pantograph Shape Cutting Machine for Plasma Cutter, CNC cutting machine plasma cutting machine flame cutting machine.

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After having read about Pantograph Flame Cutting machines in an This cut the fabrication time involved in building a machine down from 40 hours to just

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FLAME CUTTING MACHINE Filed April 28, 6 Sheets-Sheet 2 Jan. .. the pantograph cross link 50, will also effect change in the tooth contour, making the .

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the original patent for plasma cutting. Since we manufacture the entire system, write our own software, and stand behind everything we make - there's no need.

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The Making of a Monster Torchmate CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Our Torchmate pantograph flame cutting machine won the "Product of the Year" award in.