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The action sequences in The Poseidon Adventure are, in fact, some of the best So when you see the ballroom roll over, what you're looking at is a and set about dedicating himself to making only more disaster pictures.

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The Poseidon Adventure lingers on this fact, choosing to make it the punches through the wall of the ballroom—bringing certain death to.

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Feb 10, Infamous Ballroom scene as the SS Poseidon begins to Chaos at the Captain's table The Poseidon Adventure, Disaster Movie.

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The Poseidon Adventure () Connections on IMDb: Referenced in, The ' Man Riding Dolphin' statue from musuem was reused in the Poseidon ballroom. .. "The Poseidon Adventure" and gets re-energized as to what movie-making is .

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THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE originally premiered at the Egyptian in December of visual presentation on the making of the film highlighting the Queen Mary as scenes in movie history, including the famous upside-down ballroom.

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Set on a retiring ocean liner making its last voyage, The Poseidon Adventure tells It's got a pretty impressive upside down ballroom set, it prominently features.

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This is a remake of The Poseidon Adventure (), the disaster epic that featured "They create the texture of it all. Principal photography began three weeks ago, and they've completed the pre-disaster ballroom scenes.

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A novel by Paul Gallico, The Poseidon Adventure is better known for its film long gowns for the party, and have to remove them to climb out of the ballroom. . Scott, but dies of a heart attack once they make it to the engine room.

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The Poseidon Adventure is a American disaster film directed by Ronald Neame, Rogo swims over to make sure Belle and Scott are all right, then leads the rest over. When Rosen finds Belle's dead body, he is unwilling to go on, but.