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Black Spot Tuskfish is part of the Choerodon schoenleinii family and is a rocky outcrops however on our Broome Fishing Charters we catch a.

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Crabs and mantis shrimps are known to be very effective bait when specifically targeting for Blackspot Tuskfish. However, prawns work pretty good as well.

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The main species you will encounter are either blackspot tuskfish (also known as Moreton Bay tuskfish can be tricky to catch and sometimes.

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Spearfishing for Black Spot Tusk Fish is extremely rewarding. I've had mates all shoot big one's and there's always one getting paraded.

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Learn more about the Tuskfish - blackspot, how to catch them and where to find Tuskfish - blackspot.

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Gday guys Im after some tips on what type of rigs and baits I should use catching black spot tuskfish (blue parrot fish) in morton bay.

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I reckon its a Black Spot Tuskfish - identified by the black spot at the base of the middle of Very common, good to catch and good to eat mate.