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If you're into fly-fishing, and you want to go after snook, use these fly-fishing tactics and recommended tackle and flies to catch snook anywhere.

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FACT: Catching monster snook on a fly rod isn't easy And many times catching the biggest snook on any type of fishing reel requires.

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This fishing really starts getting going as the bait starts showing up in mid to late June. It is common to see more tarpon than snook at this time.

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This is my go-to size rod for dock light fish that average inches. When it comes to flies for snook around docks at night, it's good to.

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Fishing for snook in the tangles of the mangrove swamps requires felt my fingers burning as the powerful fish ripped line from my fly reel.

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Fly Fishing Snook: DIY sight fishing on Florida's easy-access beaches I allowed my fly to settle, and made a few strips to catch their attention.