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It's amazing how many times you will find yourself in a situation where you have to change or modify the dates for a file or folder, such as the.

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If you need to change the 'Created' or 'Modified' dates on a file you have two options: Change the date and time on your computer, then save.

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How To Change Created or Modified Timestamps for Files and Folders If you used NirSoft's “File Date Changer,” you will be pleased to know.

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However, if you try to watch the "Accessed Date" of a file after you change it, You' ll see the current date instead of the date you have just changed earlier!.

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Time/Date Created: When you create a new file or directory, this value is set and does not normally change (unless you deliberately change it).

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Is there an easy way to modify file date created without outside software? Yes that would work, but I want to change it to a specific date.

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Using the date modified feature in Windows File Explorer allows you to find any files that have been modified on a specific date or over a range.

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This a very simple guide on how to change a file's “date modified” and “date created” attributes on Mac OS X I wrote back in May

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Batch file to update all files Modified and Accessed Date and Time I need to do this to all files in a directory every night in a scheduled task. How do I change the 'modified' timestamp of a file in Windows using a batch file?.