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Click the 'cog-wheel' to the right of Notifications > Edit Group Settings.. and where it says "Group Name" click the drop-down-arrow there, and that will give you.

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How do I manage badges in a group I'm a member of? Ask a Question. How do I change the icon/thumbnail for my groups?? Groups. How do I change the.

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I was able to arrange them in the order I want by hovering over each, selecting the three-dots icon on the right side of each, and selecting "Unpin from Top.

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You can create a group in Facebook to share information, socialize with friends or When creating the group, you can choose a small, pre-created icon that.

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Jun 26, Have you seen other brands using Facebook groups for business and wondering how you could do the Click “change” to set it if it's anything but social learning. You also have the option to select an icon for your group.

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Sep 12, Find Facebook group admin tools to help you create a stronger, Click the Settings gear icon next to the member's name, and select Remove From Group. for your Facebook group, which will ultimately change your group's.

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Feb 4, Change the name of your Facebook group, change the group icon, or even the privacy and Facebook group type? All explained in this handy.