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An image can be set as the background of the header. Text or other images that you add to the Change the color or image of the header. Go to the Design tab.

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The default header text can be changed by selecting a new color in the theme options page in Genesis>>Event Manager Settings. However, you will have to edit the CSS in order to change other sections of the theme. As in this case, to change the header menu color, do the following.

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Changing the background color of your website header is easy! On the new COS there are 2 CSS classes you should familiarize yourself with.

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The task asks to change heading to green and change font to 16px. Then Change the color of the first paragraph to violet. Then, Change the color of the second.

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In this article, we plan to provide you 8 ways to set different background colors for header, footer, and main document in Word.

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Make any desired changes to the font style, font size, or color of the heading in the Change the paragraph spacing of the style by clicking the “Increase Space .