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Hi. Under the tab Settings you have the Site title that is displayed in the tab. You can check / uncheck ''Show title on the top of your pages''.

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Pages are an essential component of your website - they'll display all of your content Click on the page to change its name and other settings, then click Done.

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Check the Site Title in Settings > General, @Mistress - it's probably still set get rid of Run in the title whenever I share on social media pages.

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Then click "Register" on the right side of the page. Go through the steps to register your new domain. Once you have done so, edit your website.

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Selecting the Standard Page option will create a new page and prompt you to give it a name. You can also change the Header type, configure who can view the.

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You can change the address, or URL, for your website at any time in just a few short steps. There are three options when changing your site's address.

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Go to the Settings tab, then update your site title from "My Site" to to with Weebly, so there isn't anything we can do on our site to change it.