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JSTL fn:containsIgnoreCase() Function - Learn JSP (Java Server Pages) in simple Data, Java Beans, Custom Tags, Expression Language, Exception Handling, value = "I am a test String"/> test = "${fn:containsIgnoreCase( theString.

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equalsIgnoreCase(patientNotePresBackingBean. jsp/jstl/functions" %>. answer even it gives error like The attribute prefix fn does not correspond to any imported tag library – Ketan May 18 '12 at Just check if you can do something similar in JSF.

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is there a replacement for the equalsIgnoreCase in JSTL but want to use the conditon of equalsIgnorecase comparision is it possible if so.

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In the last tutorial we learnt about fn:contains() function which is used for case sensitive checking. In this post we are going to see fn:containsIgnoreCase().

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JSTL Check Equals(==), not equals(!=) explains about how to use logical conditions(equals, not equals etc) with JSTL tag.

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JSTL fn:containsIgnoreCase() Function for beginners and professionals with on JSTL core tags, function tags, formatting tags, sql tags and miscellaneous tags . The fn:containsIgnoreCase() function is used to test if an input string contains .

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JSP Standard Tag Library Kick Start Jeff Heaton To do a case-insensitive comparison, we must be able to use the equals Ignorecase found in the String class.

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Hi, i need a logic tag to do a case insensitive check like (String equalsIgnoreCase method). Can any one help me out. Thanks in ad.

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In this section we will learn how to use Tag of JSTL. This tag is used to check that given string contains the specified sub string or not.

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jsp/jstl/functions" />. JSTL functions library. Tag Library Information. Display Name, JSTL functions. Version .