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Electric dryers require a heating element to heat the air inside the dryer drum. Depending on your dryer model, the heating element installs.

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Detach the thermostat wires. The dryer thermostat will have 2 wires connecting it to the heating element. Label each wire prior to removal so you will know how.

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Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! I have a Kenmore dryer model number I think that the heating.

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Check the dryer to see if it is creating air flow. Often the heating element is fine but air is not flowing through the machine to dry the clothing. Knowing this.

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Investigate these five areas below to find out why your dryer is not heating up. It is possible that your dryer isn't heating because its heating element is.

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Coils. Start Your Repair Here. View All Dryer Parts. Search They are located on top of the gas valve and are controlled by the heat circuit.

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You can use a multi-meter and check the continuity of the element. “No continuity ” indicates a bad heating element. Continuity, however, still.

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IMPORTANT: check the airflow out the dryer's vent. A clogged vent can burn out an element! To check - run the dryer on 'no-heat' or 'fluff' setting and check the.

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Buy products related to heating element for dryer products and see what on this product because I checked the part number stamped on my heating element .