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Instructions for making Ethernet 'patch cables' using RJ45 connectors and Cat5e bulk cable. This short training page shows step-by-step easy to follow.

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Sure, you can buy Ethernet cables from the store, but where's the fun in that? If you want to make custom cable lengths or crossover cables.

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Have you ever needed a short Ethernet cable, but all the ones in your closet are six feet long? You could just wrap up the excess, but for a.

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How to Crimp Rj RJ connectors are normally used in telephone and network cables. Occasionally they are used for serial network connections. When the.

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It's easy to buy Ethernet cabling online or from your local store, but The clamp within the connector should press against the cable jacket.

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Modern homes need cat 5 cable (a.k.a. ethernet cable, network cable or RJ45) running all over the place. Home networks, security cameras, telephones and.