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When it's time to transfer your programs to a new computer, you can go the there's no need to copy a program from one computer to another.

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Copying a program to a USB flash drive is a convenient way to transport it to another computer for Copy a program from your computer onto a USB flash drive.

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Well, you copy the folder in Program Files to your USB-stick, and then put it in the Program Files of the new PC. Now there are 2 possibilities: 1.

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Can you move an installed application to another computer? Question 2. How to copy installed software and programs from one computer to.

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While changing computers, you can move your data but not the installed programs. Here's how to transfer installed programs from one.

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This How-To explains how to use a program called Total Uninstall to backup a program from one PC to another PC. All the programs I have.

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New computer? Here's how to easily transfer all your software programs, files and settings from your old computer to the shiny new computer.

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In general, it's better to re-install programs from scratch, using original media and any product I never copy them from one laptop to another.