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I have made a quick tutorial, on how you can cover a cake board with rolled fondant and finish it with a satin ribbon. If you like, you can dress up your cake board.

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I cover my cake board at least two days before i am ready to place my cake on it - that way the fondant hardens and the cake doesn't make an.

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I figured I'd cover the board and then place the cake on it but the only video I could find on it had you place the cake and then put the fondant.

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In this post, I will show you how to cover cake boards with fondant. I will share information on how to use less fondant to cover your cake boards.

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I am on a one woman mission to end the nakedness – of cake boards. Now, I'm not talking about a thin board for a quick cheesecake or dessert. I'm talking.

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Give your cake a dramatic look by placing it on a base board covered with fondant. Cut cake boards 2 in. larger in diameter than your cake, unless otherwise.

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The best tips for cake boards, if you're making your own DIY cake boards, want to know hwo to cover a cake board in fondant, or paper, here.

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Covering a round cake board with fondant for beginners. Covering a cake board with fondant adds a great finish to your cakes. Fondant can be any colour.