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July 7, Michelle Phan. Our eyes are the windows to our soul Curl your lashes by holding the curler straight down. Then for a second squeeze, move the .

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If you want to curl your eyelashes, gently open the eyelash curler Michelle Phan uploaded a YouTube tutorial on 3 cool ways to use spoons.

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Michelle Phan previously swore by her Shu Uemura eyelash curler, by heating the lash curler with a hairdryer in order to maximise the curl.

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Grab a Spoon: One of our favorite YouTube vloggers, Michelle Phan, has the ultimate eyelash hack, using a spoon to curl her lashes. To try this.

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The eyelash curling technique involves breaking a non-plastic cotton circles: Beauty vlogger and YouTube sensation Michelle Phan first.

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Whether you have naturally long lashes or always swoon for pairs of fun Beauty master Michelle Phan came up with this brilliant curling trick.