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On iOS: Tap the account icon (looks like a person), tap your blog's name in the upper left corner, then swipe left on the blog you'd like to delete or leave and.

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Keep in mind that to remove your primary blog, you will have to delete your Tumblr account. This account cannot be deleted without deleting your Tumblr account; however, you can delete any additional . How can I do that on an iPhone?.

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While some Internet users see Tumblr as just another blogging platform, businesses and professionals such as photographers and artists use the site to promote.

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Tumblr is a social networking website that can also be used as a microblogging site. Tumblr has modified itself since the collaboration with Yahoo. Account.

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yeah sure, just click on - settings, - scroll down. - you will see a 'delete your account' Button.

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You can create blog posts, upload photos and share links with your readers. If you want to disable a Tumblr account, you must delete the account. Deleting your .

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Learn how to completely delete your Tumblr account and all associated blogs you currently run on the Tumblr network.

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Want to delete your Tumblr account? AccountKiller provides easy instructions to delete your account on most websites. Or do you want to create an account on.

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Although it may not end up in the news as often as Facebook or Twitter, Tumblr remains a popular social network for those looking to share art.

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Tumblr clutters your dashboard with many recommendations using features such as Tumblr Best Stuff First Turn Off Featured Fortunately, both Tumblr apps - Android and iOS - let you turn Best Stuff First posts off for good.