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Windows XP makes backup copies of your system files which may use a lot of space on your harddisk. To empty the system file cache, click on Start > run.

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Start Internet Explorer Tools > Internet Options General tab (may already be selected) Settings button. Set your cache size (Temporary Internet Files) to a.

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Clearing the cache on your computer is one action that you can take in an effort to speed up your device. While you may not see a dramatic increase in speed.

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Use the NetShell (netsh) command to clear, delete or refresh the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) cache by following the following steps.

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This video explains how to delete cookies in Windows XP, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. To delete cookies in Mozilla Firefox.

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Posted on 21 October, This tutorial will show you the steps for clearing your DNS Cache on your Windows XP PC. When a domain name's nameservers.

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This guide shows you how to clear the icons cache for the following Windows versions: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or How to clear the icons cache in.