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Canceling and deleting your account is easy. Remember, this will delete all history and driving events and they cannot be you would just like to leave.

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You must cancel your subscription in order to not be billed - Life cannot cancel OR, Log into your Google Play account to manage your subscriptions here.

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At this time there is not a way to delete your history, either all or part of it. It is also not possible to delete one or all driving events.

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Canceling your account is easy! For iPhone: Go to the Menu screen. Tap on Settings Select “Account” Choose Delete Account For Android.

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If you purchased Life Premium with your credit card, follow these steps to cancel your subscription: Log into your account at

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You can delete a Circle member online or in the app. From iPhone: Login to dads-space.comm and click on the Members sidebar on the left.

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We hope you can find the answers you need here. How do I cancel my Premium subscription? View all 8 questions in Account Management →.

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Deleting your Life account is easy. You can delete your account from a computer browser or from within mobile app. Or if you choose, you can just email .

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How to delete Life Account? Delete Life Account. Life is a family networking app that allows family members to share their location.

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I was a contractor at life last year. As far as I know, the only way to do this is by uninstalling the app. You have to make sure that your location is on and that.