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How To Create a Website Like Facebook Using WordPress. This guide covers exactly how to create a website like Facebook (or any social network) using WordPress and the BuddyPress plugin. WordPress + BuddyPress allow you to build a beautiful website with key social networking.

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You are barking up the wrong tree. Here is why: * Facebook has over a billion users - your site will not. * The first version of Facebook was written back in the.

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Reasons you need to create your own social network like Facebook reason to build a website like Facebook: if your idea is good enough, it is.

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Do you want to create a social networking website like Facebook? or want to build a social media site? but you don't know where to start or no.

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If you want to learn how to design a website, this page has everything you need to know. There's a great quote that says “good design is like a.

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Want to create a website for your business that will get thousands of visitors .. Facebook bought in for $ million, while the

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What If i say, You can create your own Social Networking site Like Facebook for free Move to “Website” section and click on “One-Click Install” as shown in the .