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Can anyone just verify that in order to remove the Telestock Latch from the Buttstock itself you just need to push out the Roll pin that you can.

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Max Blagg present a how to remove an AR Stock. Removing your AR stock can be a real pain in the butt if you don't know what you are doing.

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Installing a new stock on your AR is a fairly simple task, even for Restrain it, remove it and put it and its spring in a box where you'll also.

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Though replacing the buttstock on an AR appears to be a simple thing, However, once you know the different sizes of AR stocks, tubes, and buffers, The first step is to remove the existing stock from its extension tube.

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I assume two things in this answer: 1) You've chosen to go the featureless route and 2) You're talking about the Magpul fixed carbine stock.

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Assembling the Mil Spec Fixed Buttstock & Telescoping Stock - Section 8. In this section we cover the installation of the: receiver extension, action spring, buffer.

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Also, the comfortable, rubber coated handle features a cutout to fit the receiver extension tube to remove the A1 or A2 stock. AR, Issue, Page