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If you have a dark pair of jeans that you want to lighten, bleaching can do the trick . You may also want to wear safety goggles to avoid getting bleach in your.

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Blue jeans have been in our culture since the 18th century but were later popularized by celebrity style icons like James Dean and Elvis.

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Do you own a pair of jeans which fits well, but has a dark blue color that you do not like? The solution is to bleach it to lighten its color, and give it a totally new.

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Learn how to get a high fashion distressed denim look at home, using patches, bleach, and more.

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If you want further fading, repeat the process as often as necessary. mens-denim- layering-blue-fade-street-style Denim is a good fabric to fade. PHOTO CREDIT.

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Style is in your ~jeans~. For dark colors, try using a bleach pen instead. 2. Apply no-sew studs to add some edge to your old jeans.