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expected to adopt ASTM antifreeze recycling standards for those persons selling or distributing recycled antifreeze in the State of. California. Law allows.

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In California, it is illegal to dispose of antifreeze in the trash or down storm drains. Antifreeze is a hazardous material and must be managed properly to protect.

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In this blog post, we discuss antifreeze recycling and how our Jiffy Lube waste collection centers across Southern California that will accept used antifreeze.

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I live in California and have no problem disposing my used oil. I have three options: 1- Call up, and the city will send someone over to pick it up.

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Contact recycling centers for antifreeze disposal locations. Check with your local government or visit a community recycling day. They may accept pure.

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Use the Waste Wizard search tool below to discover how to dispose of just about any household waste. Share. This Tool Type an item. Image of Antifreeze.