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Essential Question: What are the parts of a flower and what are their functions? At a Glance: Learners observe and dissect a flower to discover its anatomy.

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flower types to dissect include lilies, tulips, daffodils, alstroemarias, and gladiolus. Avoid daisies, asters, calla lilies, roses, and iris, since their floral structure is.

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Overview: Students will learn about the role of flowers in plant reproduction Objective: Students will be able to dissect and illustrate the structure of a flower.

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Flowers are the reproductive parts of many plants. It may surprise you to know that flowers have female and male parts. The female part of the plant is called.

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follow the rules for scientific diagrams. MATERIALS: slide and cover slip razor blade dissecting needle (one per table) microscope (one per pair) one fresh flower.

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While dissecting the flower, students will observe structure of the flower using the stereo microscope and place all flower parts onto an index card and label each.

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Lesson One. Rose Flower Anatomy Identify function of each floral part. • Identify flower parts on a rose flower Dissect the parts discussed in the lesson. 3.