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Dissection and Anatomy of the Pig Kidney By Aaron L. Ament,, M.D. Instructor, Department of Biology Minot State University Minot, ND.

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A video describing the purpose of the kidney, how it filters blood and the main parts of a kidney. This video would be useful for those studying.

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Kidney Dissection Guide. In this activity, you will examine the outside of a beef kidney and then cut it open to see and identify the structures inside the kidney.

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Sheep, pig or cow kidney. (preferably one with the renal sheath still attached). • Dissecting board. • Apron. • Safety glasses. • Scalpel. • Disposable gloves.

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Kidney Dissection Lab. In this lab activity fresh pig kidneys will be dissected. Hygiene is crucial when dealing with fresh specimens. Vinyl gloves will be provided.

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and internal structure of the kidney following dissection. BEFORE YOU DISSECT: a. Lamb or pig kidneys are widely available at a relatively low cost.

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By examining and dissecting a kidney, students can gain a greater . Frog dissection is a great way for students to learn about organ function and position.

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With each type of kidney, there will be differences in the size of the structures and kidney regions, but the general Perform dissections on a dissecting tray or pan to contain specimens and fluids. Be Carolina's Perfect Solution® Pig Kidney.

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You will dissect pig kidneys and observe demonstrations of cat and Every two students should obtain a preserved pig kidney on a dissecting tray. Rinse it.