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Which way do you turn the wheel when parking on a hill. Do you know? Are you sure? Discover what you're supposed to do on hills with our guide.

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Park your car parallel to the curb. If you are parking facing uphill, make sure to leave a full car's length of space behind your vehicle so that you can back into the .

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Jun 17, Follow these steps when parking on a hill to keep your vehicle and other It is important to do this step before turning your vehicle off so that.

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For either uphill or downhill parking, if there is no curb, turn the wheels toward the side of the road so downhill. up hill no curb Do not park or leave your car.

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Along with learning how to parallel and perpendicular park, you should have Tips. If you are parking uphill or downhill without a curb, turn your steering wheel .

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Sep 11, Quick answer: It is wise to use your parking brake any time you park, but especially when you are parking on a hill. Before you turn off the car.

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Hill parking is a required skill for a road test - remember the 3 & 1 rule. That way, if the brakes do release the vehicle is going to roll off the shoulder of the road.