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[edit]. Stunt Jumps are listed on the GTA 5 Map. Use the GTA 5 Interactive Map . This is a fairly simple jump, and most vehicles can make it.

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Stunt jumps are quick vehicle tricks that you can do to earn extra money bonuses during the game. Stunt jumps are available in all version of GTA, starting from Grand Theft Auto 3 to current installments, and can be done in random places. Walk around town and find a car or a.

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Grand Theft Auto V, the latest and greatest in the free-roaming All you need to do to be in the same league is leave your fear behind, slam on.

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A walkthrough for all 50 stunt jumps in GTA 5, including stunt jump locations, A motorcycle will allow players to do a few laps and gain some.

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This mod adds the abillity to do stunts/tricks with all bikes (motorcycles & cycles). . Grand Theft Auto / GTA 5 are registered trademarks of Rockstar Games.

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GTA has a long history of stunting and a dedicated fan base. 5. No PC or Console elitism. 6. Real life pictures and videos are generally . a glitch in the game mechanics, that can be exploited to take stunts to the next level.

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Today, Cunning Stunts takes GTA Online racing to epic new heights with a series tracks and dynamic objects for a radically new take on GTA Online racing. We're looking for 5 cunning Snapmatics featuring the brand new.