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You basically look at the vertical scale and the horizontal scale and Convert them to the same unit of measurement and this would make.

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Vertical exaggeration (VE) is a scale that is used in raised-relief maps, plans and technical vertical scale (or, equivalently, a horizontal exaggeration). In some cases, if the vertical exaggeration is too high, the map reader may get confused.

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Vertical exaggeration simply means that your vertical scale is larger than your horizontal scale (in the example you could use one inch is equal.

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It can appear much steeper, narrower and higher than in reality. The vertical exaggeration shows you by how much the vertical scale has been distorted.

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How do you find the scales? the vertical scale is the scale on the vertical axis of the cross section. the horizontal scale.

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Distance = map distance x scale What is the real distance in km . A cross section can have a scale for the vertical.

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A simple explanatory worksheet explaining how to calculate vertical Resources , Jobs, Community, News. Search Revision Guidance: How do we revise for History? Geography Christmas Quiz - Christmas Quiz

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Geography/P2. 2. DBE/November Do NOT detach this page from the question paper. Show ALL . Calculate the vertical exaggeration of the cross section above. VS = 1 cm to 20 m . Job creation √√. [Any ONE].