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A sub-divided or component bar chart is used to represent data in which the total magnitude is divided into different or components. In this diagram, first we make.

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Simple bar chart consists of vertical or horizontal bars of equal width. 2. Component bar charts may also be drawn on percentage basis by.

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1) Simple 'Bar diagram': It represents only one variable. 2) Sub - divided Bar Diagram: While constructing such a diagram, the various components in each.

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Some of the diagrams can be drawn by experts only. eg. Pie chart. Different scales Draw a Percentage bar diagram for the following data. Using the formula.

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The Sub Divided / Component bar diagrams are used to represent data In these type of diagrams, first they make simple bars for each class.

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Solution: Multiple bar diagram for the above data is given below. (iv) Percentage Bar Diagram. Subdivided bar diagram drawn on the basis of the percentage of.