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Planning a trip to Kraków and want to fit in by drinking like a true Pole? Vodka has long been a part of Polish tradition, with some blends.

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How is it that Polish people are seemingly able to drink liters of vodka in a single sitting, and yet it never comes back to bite them in the ass the.

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Czesc! I am an American and I am planning my first trip to Poland (my family came over from Zakopane/Nowy Targ area). Of course I will be.

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Our writer got past her love/hate relationship with vodka in Poland, where the spirit is a way of life.

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Answer 1 of How do the people of krakow drink their vodka? and when i go to poland i drink strictly polish dads-space.come they are so.

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Polish vodka is known for being some of the best high-end vodka out there. But there's also a rich history of the drink helping Poles through.

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Vodka consumption is a bit on the wane, although it still has many supporters. Still, it is considered the drink that makes human contact easy-going and enables .