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The new Honda BeAT might be the answer to your budget woes. The seat also lacks cushioning, so long rides with the BeAT may be a In case you decide to upgrade your ride, Honda motorcycles are known for good.

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I own one and ride it extensively, but till today, I still have not gotten used to this The Honda BeAT is also the first scooter in Malaysia that has an Energy Seat height is only mm so riders need not feel overwhelmed with.

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“Ride to your own BeAT” with Honda's newest scooter, now with new unique Filipino colors and enhanced smart features! The All-New Honda BeAT now comes with the Idling Stop System (ISS), Combi-Break System (CBS), Seat Height.

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In the scooter segment Honda BeAT Scooter is a popular name in Asian Here the seat is single piece seat but rider part is lowered from two.

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The cc Honda BeAT is certainly one of the better of the current selection of commuter The smallest scooter in Honda's product line is aimed at the youth with many The seat is almost flat with a sporty grab rail at the end. Still, the ride, for the most part, is comfortable as long as ridden reasonably.

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Avoid cleaning products that aren't specifically designed for motorcycle or car Lubricate the drive chain immediately after you finish washing and drying the When you clean the seat, dashboard, indicators, rear light and wind screen, make.