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How to Dry Wet Paper. If an important paper or document recently sustained water damage, you can take several steps to restore it. By air drying or freezing the.

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Air drying is practical if there is convenient access to sufficient Precautions: Wet paper is heavy and very weak and.

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common ones: hair dryer, hot iron (but place some cloth first on top of it so the iron won't burn the paper or leave a mark) “i live life dangerously” ones: your stove.

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Immediately remove wet items from flooded or damp places, as mould will paper, paper towels, rags, etc., underneath the drying documents to absorb excess.

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The tried and true salvage method for paper is air drying, but if you have a It's an unfortunate fact that drying wet documents will never get the.

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Don't throw away your important documents if they get wet. There are several different methods you can use that will help minimize the water.

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Using blotter paper or paper towels, blot as much water from the book as possible. Be careful not to rub either the cover or the wet pages.

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Select the technique that will minimize physical damage (cockling of paper, warping of Books and records that are damp or slightly wet may be dried quite .