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Enjoying Thanksgiving doesn't mean unavoidable weight gain! Put in some . Turn the heat up in the house, throw on an extra sweater, but above all -- keep moving. And you .. Just be sensible about what you eat and stay active. Thanks!.

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Conquer the biggest feast of the year, Thanksgiving, with Food Network's tips for sensible day-of eating.

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8 TIPS FOR A HEALTHIER THANKSGIVING! Splurging on Thanksgiving Day will not sabotage your healthy efforts, but turning it into an for the day, eating a sensible breakfast will help control your hunger so you don't eat.

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Thanksgiving is the one day a year you should be able to throw your diet out the Thanksgiving dinner by following this one simple rule: Fuck it, eat everything. NOT Thanksgiving Day, you adhere to a sensibly balanced diet with grim conversation with distant family members inevitably turns to politics.

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Just the thought of hosting and preparing a Thanksgiving day meal can as a whole to prepping individual courses in the most sensible way, . entirety the day before and just heat it up before you sit down to eat. A few knobs of butter, a drizzle of olive oil and a hot oven will transform your cold mashed.

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Lisa Lillien shares her tips for enjoying Thanksgiving without going Eat a sensible breakfast and light lunch, or you might go overboard at.

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Better to have a sensible game plan. What to do? Whether and the other half with whatever foods really turn you on. This helps you to Socializing while clearing the table makes you less likely to eat while you put the food away. You do not.

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I hate hearing people say “I can't eat Thanksgiving dinner because I'm on a diet” are Anne, could you have more sensible/amazing advice? I no longer placed so much emphasis on the meal, and it turned out wonderful.

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Your ultimate Thanksgiving meal just became much more scrumptious. Tags eating for weight lossfood swapholidaylosing weightnutrition tips.

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People around the country share how they handle all the stress that goes with Thanksgiving, and how the recent terror attacks help put things in.