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Editing and deleting template macros By editing template macros, you can add, edit, or delete macro commands. The same rules of syntax and conventions.

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Editing and deleting macros WordPerfect lets you edit and delete macros. To edit a macro 1. Click Tools.

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More than just recording steps, WordPerfect macros also support a rich . open a macro for editing by selecting it in the list, and clicking Edit.

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EDITING MACROS. If you don't like the way a macro works after you create it, don 't start over -- edit it. WordPerfect has its own built-in editor where you can.

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WordPerfect will execute your commands while defining the macro. This helps you better follow the course of the macro, but you may also inadvertently change .

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however, use the PerfectExpert to edit an existing document or project template. .. cvtdocswcm or cvtdocswcm—These macros open the WordPerfect.