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You can change your Twitter username via, or through your Twitter name or real name) displayed in your profile page and used to identify you to.

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While it can often be difficult to change an unfortunate birth name, you're not stuck with a bad name on your Twitter account. How you identify.

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Follow our guide to change your display name while in the Twitter app Step 1: Tap your profile picture in the top-left corner of the screen.

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You've created your Twitter account and now you want to change your Twitter username and display name. We'll show you how to easily.

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There might be various reasons why you may want to change name on On your Twitter profile, click on Edit profile located on the right side of.

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Go to the Twitter website and login with your username then follow these steps: First click on the symbol that looks like a small flower, a sun or a.

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If you use the official Twitter app for iPhone and iPad, you hopefully have some profile information set up so users can see a quick bio about.

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With just a few steps, you can add emoji characters and change the name shown on your Twitter account.

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Therefore, you index Tweets posted by your company account and by your CEO, as well as relevant keywords such as product, partner, and event names.