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Budew evolves by leveling up with max happiness, so it is possible to level him all you want, but until you make him happy, he will not evolve.

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I've had it since level 4. Its never been in the box, it has never fainted.. I was just wondering because it is at level 24 and I'd like Giga Drain on.

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My Budew is lvl16 now and I'm wondering what the fastest way to get it to be a Roselia BTW you definitely want it to evolve before level

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Consult the FAQ/wiki before asking questions. I'm conflicted on evolving it or not this is literally my 3rd Pokemon on this play through so it.

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Roselia is extremely common, it doesn't evolve until Gen 4, and its capture Yeah but we don't need to catch tons of them to level up a rarely.

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Those Pokémon which evolve into a Pokémon of a previous generation, instead of 40 Roselia family; 41 Duskull family; 42 Chimecho family; 43 Snorunt family; 44 Trivia; 45 See also Level up in a special magnetic field.