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To send a fax from Google Docs, download the add-on from Google Docs store and then follow these steps: Open the document.

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The easiest way to send and receive faxes online. In , I used Hellofax from Google Drive. Hellofax was supposed to be free for Google.

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Introducing HelloFax for Google Docs. Fax documents directly from Google Docs. The easiest and fastest way to fax documents.

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Fax documents with the same convenience you're used to with Google Docs, from any computer or mobile device. Just open a document and hit the "Fax this" .

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How to send a fax from Google Docs using an online fax service Some online fax services (in this example RingCentral) have an add-on to fax directly from.

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How to Send a Fax from Google Docs. This article explains how to fax a Word document, Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation in a Google Docs.

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To send faxes directly from Google Docs, you'll first want to get the HelloFax for Google Docs add-on here. Then, open the Google.