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Unlike many tax forms, most individuals taxpayers won't need to fill this one out themselves. Rather, employers fill out W-2 forms for their.

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The W2 is a complicated IRS form. We break down each field so can understand exactly what you need to do when you fill out your employee's W2 form.

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Employer W-2 Filing Instructions & Information. Social Security's suite of services that allows you to file W-2/W-2Cs online and verify Publications & Forms.

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employer, do not withhold Tier 1 and Tier 2 taxes when employees See Extension of time to furnish Forms W-2 to employees for more.

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W-3 forms are for the employer's records and must be transmitted to the Social Security Administration (SSA) along with the W-2 forms. You can order both from .

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Learn how to gather information and prepare W-2 forms for employees, including due dates and filing tips.

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Form W-3 transmits your employees' W-2 forms to the Social Security is the quarterly wage and tax report form completed by most employers.

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E-file your W-2 Forms through the Social Security Administration Business Services Online site. The service is free and secure.

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When you do your taxes, you'll need the W-2 to fill in a lot of the information. If your employer leaves out a decimal point, gets your name or a.