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In this article we describe how to construct glass wool filters for . The water was passed through a glass wool filter, the concentrated.

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Glass wool filters for concentrating waterborne viruses and step, such as centrifugation, followed by pathogen detection and enumeration by.

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1 Filter; 2 Arrangement of Filtration; 3 Filtering through a Paper Filter; 4 Links Gauze, cotton wool, glass wool and other materials can be used to filter out rough .

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normal shape and size to penetrate and migrate through the cervix. KY ; and glass wool column filtration: Cook Sperm Filter, Cook Ob/Gyn, Spencer.

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This study evaluated glass wool filter performance to concentrate the four viruses on the U.S. and noroviruses from drinking water by use of glass wool filters.

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Pyrex Brand Glass Wool as Filtering Medium. G. Heisig. Ind. Eng. Chem. Anal. Ed ., , 14 (9), pp – DOI: /ia Publication Date.

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Concentration of Enteroviruses, Adenoviruses, and Noroviruses from Drinking Water by Use of Glass Wool Filters. Elisabetta Lambertini, Susan K. Spencer.