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Sweat bees are soil nesting bees: they usually nest and live in the earthen burrows in sunny dry areas, but sometimes their nests can be found in soft wood.

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If you need help getting rid of a sweat bee infestation near your home, contact a bee removal company. Or, you can contact Terminix® and we can help you find.

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Once you've confirmed that you do indeed have a sweat bee problem, you need to locate their nesting sites. Unlike other bees, sweat bees do not have one.

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If you see sweat bees, you're among the very few that realize these between these bees, although they live in a different sweat bee nest.

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When his mom took him to the doctor to find out if there were Sweat bees, in the family Halictidae, are found on flowers (which they pollinate), kinds of sweat bees stay with their mother, helping care for the nest and young.

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Sweat bees are mostly ground nesting meaning they commonly nest in soil. To see if you have nests in your yard, do a good inspection of the.